2014 Nobel Prize Ceremony

Since its founding in 2006, the mission of JLTV has been to establish an award-winning, full-time 24/7 network that entertains and educates society through Jewish-themed content.   Special event programming highlighting Jewish culture, promoting Israel and Jewish enterprises around the globe and over five hours per day of worldwide news coverage is what distinguishes JLTV, which can now be seen in 42 million homes.  

We believe that the Nobel Prize is a great tribute to the Jewish people.  While 1/39th of the world population are Jewish, 27% of the Nobel Prize winners are.  World Jewry has accomplished so much in medical research, literature and physics, which has made the world a better place. 

JLTV is pleased to announce its exclusive airing of the celebrated 2014 Nobel Prize.

In addition to the ceremony, we will also include interviews with several Nobel Laureates as well as the coveted Awards. 

For more information contact Francky Perez at fperez.jltv.tv

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